Posts of a personal nature.

Welcome Back

Thanks to my buddy Nels Lindahl for the tip on using The Wayback Machine, I have been able to resurrect most of this site's content. There are a few posts from late 2022 that I will never get back.

Vroom vroom

I have had a few cars over the years. Each with its own interesting stories.

On 5G home WiFi

For the past eight years or so I have been a paying customer of Cincinnati Bell Fioptics (now alta fiber). In general, I prefer to support more local businesses than national brands, even if the locals are still a "Ma Bell" spin-off.

On a week gone by

It's been a week and a half since I left my job with EVERSANA. I loved it there. The mission, the people, the work. But I needed something more, and now, I'm excited to see where my passion leads.