About Me

Hi there, most people I work with call me either Chris or Giddy. Either one is fine by me. Welcome to the site, for whatever content you're drawn to.

You'll find I muse on a wide array of topics here, though my professional experience is centered on enterprise technology, including application and solution architecture. I specialize in finding ways to solve problems with the tools at hand and assessing the value of potential additions.

My Bio

I'm passionate about technology and thrive on creatively tackling complex business challenges using the available tools. I have a strong track record of making the most of technology to drive impact and am known for my interactive leadership style, which excels in team environments.

Throughout my career, I've held various roles, including a recent position as Senior Manager of Process Architecture at CVS Health. Here, I led a significant overhaul of the Colleague Journey experience, impacting 350,000 employees. My previous roles as Manager of Digital Automation and Senior Solution Architect at EVERSANA Life Science Services showcased my ability to deliver substantial value through automation and innovative frameworks, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

My career highlights include rapid COVID-19 patient-facing solution development, successful automation implementation, and receiving accolades for problem-solving and leadership. My expertise in solution architecture, technical writing, and stakeholder communication has positioned me as a valuable asset in the tech industry.

What drives me?

I'm a very self-motivated individual. But a valuable and impactful mission will always draw out my best work. I get energized by connecting and working with intelligent, driven people.

For fun I enjoy anything that has a good story, that might be music, movies, books, or games. And I love learning new things. I experiment on my own outside of work to ensure I'm exploring the things I find enticing, especially with emergent technologies.

Chat with me

If you ever want to chat, grab some time on my booking calendar. I'm always happy to make new connections.

Notes about this site

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