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Profile on Iijima Hiro

This character profile is Part 6 in a series where I am using ChatGPT to write stories, and MidJourney to generate visuals.
An image of Iijima Hiro generated using MidJourney

Hiro is our emotional buddy. He has a seemingly innate sense of what plants and animals are experiencing. He knows when they're hurting, or thriving. On occasion, this happens with people too. He can sometimes get melancholy as a result of how overwhelming this can be. After all, plants and animals are everywhere!

With a thin, lanky frame, being 14 years old, and standing at an average 166cm (5'6") tall, you could be forgiven for overlooking Hiro. His short black hair and hazel eyes seem to match his disposition.

As research-focused as Yamamoto Renata is, and as mysteriously knowledgeable as Yoshizawa Shinya happens to be, Hito-san is often pure emotion. His ability to sense the feelings of plants and animals gives him a unique ability as a member of the club. While often overwhelming emotionally, Hiro is able to leverage this ability to the team's advantage in many ways.

In his free time, Hiro enjoys riding his bicycle and reading science fiction stories. He finds these activities don't expose him to the same emotional fatigue other things do.

Hiro-kun is definitely the emotional center of the group. Although this can sometimes be a frustration, he keeps the team grounded and centered on what really matters.

Well, that's some info about Hiro-san. You can learn more about him and the rest of The Secret Arboreal Fan Club gang as we follow them. ChatGPT will write our stories, and MidJourney will generate our visuals.

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