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Kaiwiki Oolong (Moonrise Tea)

Here is another tea I acquired while at the World Tea Expo this year. This one is a tea grown right here in the USA! This Kaiwiki Oolong from Moonrise Tea in Hawaii is smooth and easy to drink.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 3/2/2
Company Moonrise Tea
Blend Name Kaiwiki Oolong
Blend Base Oolong
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Tin
Price per Package $?.?? USD
Quantity ~ 1.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

This oolong teas’ leaves are slender and more of a brown and white mixture than some of the greener or blacker oolongs I’ve been drinking or late. The aroma is light and sweet.

The leaves brew a wonderful golden liquor piquant with notes of peach and nactarine and hints of honey.

On the tongue the brew is smooth with minor peeks of astringency which never truly surface in any notable way. Light vegetal notes during the early tasting with more stone fruit textures of peach and nectarine through the bulk and finish. This tea doesn’t have much of a tail to speak of. The brewed aroma is very light.

I would recommend this Oolong to oolong fans, those who enjoy fruit flavored teas and milk teas.

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