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You did it! You guys selected a tea for me!

What did you choose?


The Choice

You chose Fujian Baroque from Adagio Teas over Orange Dulce from Mighty Leaf Tea.

Orange Dulce will carry over into next week’s choice.

My Thoughts


My available Fujian Baroque came from a small sample tin. The tin is white with a well branded label on the outside.


The leaves are large for the tin, but smaller than I surmised from photos online. A little more BOP than OP. The leaves are a black, brown with tiny gold patches on occasion.

Dry Aroma

The aroma from the dry leaves is light and reminds me a bit of hay and Autumn in a forest.

Post Infusion Aroma

After infusion the aroma remains on the lighter side. I think of hay, some notes of a light honeyed sweetness. Maybe honeysuckle? Some slight mineralized scents as well. Maybe from the quality of water used.

Into The Drink

On the palate the hot infusion is relaxing on an otherwise stressful evening before America Chooses its future.

The hayish-ness appears to have made it all the way through the brew. The twinge of astringency in the finish awakens my senses, but maybe not in a way I like at the moment. I think that could be a phase I’m in.

Only the slightest honeyed sweetness makes it through the brewing process, softening the liquor’s effect on the edges of the tongue.


This is a good brew. I’d drink it again for sure. Not one for everyday I think, for me at least.

Next Week’s Choice

Go Vote, you’ve got through Sunday!