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Accessory: Tea Infuser (ForLife)

Monday is Teahouse/Tea Room, Accessory and Brand Review Day!

Most avid tea drinkers don’t use tea bags or sachets (although sometimes we slip and get a little lazy, or maybe we find a good flavor not offered loose). Instead, they use “infusers”, sometimes called “strainers” or “sifters”.

Quick Info

Rating 4/5
Manufacturer ForLife
Accessory Hook Handle Infuser
Classification Infuser
Price $10.99 USD

Tea Infusers are extremely simple to operate. Simply take a scoop of tea (using your perfect tea scoop) and relinquesh the tea into the infuser. The either set the infuser into your favorite mug and pour hot water through it and the tea… or place the infuser with tea leaves into your mug already willed with water.

Infusers come in many styles, shapes and sizes. They will be grated so the water can reach the tea leaves. You’ll only need to scoop the recommended amount of leaves for the size of your mug as the leaves will be provided more room to expand than if you’d used a tea bag or a sachet.

The extra room to breathe allows more flavor to permeate into the water providing you a more flavorful brew! Now you know why the experienced drinkers use infusers!

This “Hook & Handle Infuser” by ForLife is one of my favorites. It’s rigid, making it easier to clean than a mesh infuser and it has a small hook and a handle to make it simple to hang on the edge of my mug for steeping.

My one quibble is that it’s not always the best for a rooibos style tea as the more granual powdering makes it through the grating of the infuser. All in all though, it’s still near the top of my list and after nearly 600 cups is still hanging on strong!

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