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Damn it's been a while

I totally said I’d be posting more often, and here we go, I’ve slacked again! BAD ME! BAD!
Damn it's been a while
Photo by Suad Kamardeen / Unsplash

I totally said I’d be posting more often, and here we go, I’ve slacked again! BAD ME! BAD!

Well, here’s a fill-in on what’s up with everything:

REDS: That’s right folks, it’s baseball season, and I’ve caught some kind of evil fever! I’ve been to five games since the season started and I foresee many more. Games attended by me this season include the Marlins, Cardinals, Nationals, and Phillies (as of tonight). Check out those links for photos from a couple of the games so far! I’ll try and make more timely updates when I go to games. Man, there will be tons of photos!

DANCING: For those who don’t know yet that I’m a dancing whore... well... I’m a dancing whore! I am going clubbing like MAD now! Who’d have thought a few months ago I’d get into it like crack? If you ever wonder why I am broke it’s because I went dancing... again, and again, and again. A few photos from an event at Purgatory while Tila Tequila was in town are online.

WJLTFP: I haven’t told everyone yet, but I’ve started a new company for event planning downtown. The company is solely focused on raising the profile and desirability of being downtown. For Pete’s (would that be Rose's) sake our restaurants should be open MUCH later, and we should be partyin’ all the time in a city like Cincinnati. We have the people. They’re lively, they’re ALWAYS drunk :P just open our mouths and get them downtown!

WJLTFP (We Just Love To F’ing Party) will be planning and listing many events online on its website shortly. Events that it sponsors will include sporting events such as Reds, Bengals, and local college sports games. Huge ass raves and events downtown! Man, this will be awesome!

MUSIC: For those who aren’t familiar with my habits... on occasion, I’ll sit down with Garageband and just crank out an album. My most recent is titled “Around the World” and was released a couple of weeks ago. Check it out on my MySpace Music profile! I am proud of my work. It’s a free download, as are the rest of my albums.

RIPPLE: My efforts with Ripple have stagnated recently. I think I’ve just naturally taken a break after Karen left Tony to kind of give him some rest. I foresee it becoming a problem though as I’ve gone NUTS for going to Reds games, partyin’ all night, and clubbin’ a lot. It’s kept me from continuing my duties as President of Ripple, and I need to get it under control. Not to mention deciding which of my efforts (Ripple or WJLTFP) is my primary at the moment.

FINANCIALS: WTF? I’ve been spending cash like I could just sit down on the toilet and produce cash that way! I really need to get a handle on it. Reds games are cheap enough ($5 for cheap seats), but clubbin’ induces me to drink, and drinking leads to more drinking, and all of a sudden, a $5 cover is a $50 night! No. From now on, two drinks is my max at clubs. It’s becoming too damned expensive!

OTHER: We got the grill working. But it kind of exploded when we went to use it. I still need to call CharBroil and have them replace major parts of it. All it needed was a proper pressure regulator and gas tube. They sent it out, which was good. However, when I left it alone for a minute it had a MAJOR flare-up and melted off one of the temperature dials. I had to pull off another dial and ruin it in order to turn that one off. It sucked. HARD.

My car’s brand-new tires are mostly fine. But I hit a pothole a few weeks ago, and a tear occurred inside the inner lining. A bubble has appeared and I need to get a new tire for the front passenger side of my car. Boo.

My diet has gone out the window. I’ll be picking it back up here shortly. Rice, meat, and water products. Occasional bowls of cereal and whatnot will be fine as well. But, mostly rice will be my diet. No more sandwiches, fast food, soda, and a MAJOR cutback on alcohol. It’s too costly. YOU, internet, must be my most aggressive buddy in ensuring I don’t go outside of this.

Tony and I have been playing a lot of Tennis recently. We’ve been tossing baseballs a lot as well. We need to do more batting practice. Or at least I do. It’s a great way to build muscle in my arms. But I REALLY need to lose weight in my belly and my ass. Neither is very friendly at the moment, and the best thing for me to do is simply to cut back on quantities, and eat smaller portions more often while continuing to build a more frequent set of workouts with Tennis, Baseball, and more.