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An awesome experience

Well, the last few weeks have been rather ‘different’ to say the least.
An awesome experience
Photo by Meg Jerrard / Unsplash

Well, the last few weeks have been rather ‘different’ to say the least.

Apple decided to replace my year-old iMac G5 because it has needed so many repairs on it. They sent me a brand new intel-based iMac CoreDuo! I went out yesterday and quad-counted the RAM up to 2GB from the measly 512MB it had when it arrived on Monday just before I had to jet out to Orlando for Trivantis’ Lectora user conference.

Speaking of the conference, it was a friggin’ blast! I cannot wait to go back next year! Drinking galore! I think I had more to drink at this user conference than I have in the past twelve months combined. Kind of crazy if you think about it. We arrived before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, started drinking a quarter after three, and didn’t stop until 3:30 Wednesday morning. We had a Mardi Gras reception for our clients Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM where the drinks started flowing and didn’t stop until 5 Thursday morning. Thursday night dinner started at 5 PM and drinks didn’t stop until 5:30 Friday morning. Crazy shit I tell ya. I took around 130 photos while I was there. Check out the photo page for some of the photos I am ‘allowed’ to share.

Support has been heavy since we left for the conference last week. A lot of clients are complaining. I hope we can go back next year. But we may end up not being permitted to do so because of the complaints. It was hard to be both social at the conference AND take care of support issues.

I tried to get hold of Brian (my brother) before I went down with no luck. I’d have loved to see him while I was so close. A shame we seem to have lost touch again. I think I’ll schedule a monthly email with him or something to ensure I keep up with everything and he knows what’s going on with me.

I hope to get back to D.C. this summer. We’ll see how that goes. As is, the trip to Gatlinburg with my family in June is good enough for me to relax a bit I suppose.

Tila Tequila will be in Cincinnati this Saturday at the Purgatory Club downtown on Sycamore! I am SO there! Enrique and I will have a blast chillin’ with the girls and havin’ a great time! Tila is both beautiful and fun. Though she’s one of the most popular people on MySpace with MILLIONS of ‘friends’ on her account, she has always taken the time to personally reply to my messages, and I am looking forward to chillin’ out with her for a bit and doin’ some dancing.

The rear brakes on my car froze and I took my car in for repair. It cost me almost $500 to get them fixed. I feel like I’m being ripped off a bit, but I’ve always had good luck with BP Procare in the past. The local one I would usually go to probably would have done it for half the cost or thereabouts, but they closed just before I needed to get this work done. I think I still need to get a couple of belts replaced in my car as well, and my front door fixed as I STILL cannot open it from the outside.

I get to meet Raven tonight. I met Raven through Hot or Not and we’ve been talking for the last few months. We’re headed to the Red Cheetah dance club downtown. I have no idea what kind of music they’ll be playing tonight, but so long as it isn’t like classic rock or disco or something I should be fine with dancing to whatever they have going.

I signed up for a MySpace Music account under the alias DJ Danji. I’ve posted four of my tracks. You’re welcome to drop by and download them. I’ll be posting a new site just for my music to my dotMac account in a few days. For now, the old version of the site is available here. The link for album downloads is to the left.

I think that’s it for now.