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Catching up ...

On Friday I went out to see "James Bond: Casino Royale", and on Saturday it was "Stranger than Fiction" and "Happy Feet". And man oh man did I LOVE Happy Feet!
Catching up ...
Photo by Sander Crombach / Unsplash

On Friday I went out to see "James Bond: Casino Royale", and on Saturday it was "Stranger than Fiction" and "Happy Feet". And man oh man did I LOVE Happy Feet!

My next Cinematic adventure will likely be "Flushed Away". It's by the Wallace & Gromit people.

James Bond: Casino Royale - 8 of 10
Stranger than Fiction - 8 of 10
Happy Feet - 9.5 of 10

So I went on the first date with Kira the week prior to last. It went well. We ended up seeing Borat which was deadly funny. We ended up getting together again a couple of days later at Arnie's down in Newport to do some dancing and ended up hanging out for hours again. It was good. We're looking to get together for a third date, but she's in the middle of exams, so we'll see what kind of excuses I can come up with for her to bite into.

Borat - 8.5 of 10

I ended up going dancing Saturday night and had a blast. I haven't had so much fun dancing in a LONG time. Of course, I haven't really 'been' dancing in a LONG time, so I guess that may amount to it on its own. :P I was glad to get out and relieve some stress through the meaningful emotive motions of dance.

Someone ended up stepping on my knee (don't ask) and consequently, I'm babying my right leg, but otherwise, it was HELLA awesome!

Skanksgiving at Josh Queen's place on Sunday was pretty awesome. Games, food, hot women, good times.

We even watched Casshern! One of my favorite Japanese films EVER! :P

Casshern - 9.5 of 10

I need to order more tea from Harney & Sons. The best tea-makers in the U.S.! I especially like their fruit teas, white teas, and the Genmaicha (Green tea with roasted rice - Also commonly called popcorn tea for the way the rice puffs up when roasted.)

I made contact with Christy Matthews. She was a HUGE crush of mine and, dare I say "the one that got away." Of course, I wouldn't blatantly tell her that. I'm sure it'd end up weird if I did. But oddly I feel comfortable letting it be known on a completely public website where she could certainly stumble upon the information willy-nilly all by herself. Logic, I tell ya, it's a beast! I'd love to see if I could rekindle anything there, but I won't force anything. We'll just see if we can hang out first.

Baby steps.

I'm going to cancel my World of Warcraft(WoW) account as I have not been playing it, preferring real life to a pixelated one. I know it'll upset Christina a bit seeing as how she uses my machine to play when she's at the house. But whatever. It'll save my budget $15/month, right?

Tonight's episode of "Heroes" rocked! And Scrubs is still the funniest damned thing on television!

That's it for tonight. More later.