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Coconut Masala Chai (Yogic Chai)

Friday is Black Tea, Floral Tea, Fruit Tea, Chai and Pu’erh Review Day!

This delectably smooth Coconut infused Masala Chai from Yogic Chai coats the mouth with creamy goodness.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 5/5/4
Company Yogic Chai
Blend Name Coconut Masala Chai
Blend Base Chai
Country of Origin India
Package Type Loose bag
Price per Package $14.00 USD
Quantity 8oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

I’ve reviewed a couple of Chai teas here already. Actually, if you’ve been paying attention I always note that Chai simply means “tea” once you whiddle it down… so “Chai Tea” is a redundant statement. But I digress…

Malasa Chai is what most people think of when they hear “Chai.” This specific spin on Masala… adding the perfect blend of Coconut is very well done.

This blend is not too soft, but not too bold. Perfect for a chilly day, or in the evening to relax. With a light & sweet aroma hinting at caramel and coconut tones you can still tell this is a Masala chai.

The flavor is smooth and coats the mouth. The coconut comes out here, but not in force. Just enough to hold your attention on it. Like all Masala Chai teas, this one is intrinsically spicy and reminds me of a warm Apple Cider.

If you like spiced teas, apple cider, chai, coconut or hot cocoa I really recommend this blend for you.