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Nectarine White Tea (Snapple)

Tuesday is Iced Tea Review day!

Something fruity but light and refreshing. That’s what I wanted one hot steamy day in July. What I got… was exactly that! This nectarine imbued white tea from Snapple hit just the spot!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/2
Company Snapple
Blend Name Nectarine White Tea
Iced Tea Base White
Country of Origin China
Package Type Bottled
Price per Package $1.50 USD
Quantity 17.5 fl-oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The Nectarine White Tea from snapple appears in a nice clean clear bottle with liquor that’s light orange. This brew has no cloudiness which isn’t reassuring to those who like to know real tea was used.

The aroma hints of light citrus with notably pungent sweetness. Just enough in the aroma to indicate this tea may be astringent or puckery.

This tea uses notably artificial flavoring, has been clearly sweetened and you can’t particularly discern the ‘tea’ behind the beverage. This tea also isn’t particularly bold and has no tail on the finish.

While this tea certainly was refreshing, it failed to grab my palette and let me know it was a tea. The over sweetening of this beverage does clear disservice to the drinker but doesn’t keep it from being enjoyable nonetheless.

If you don’t like sweetened teas, or if you prefer to taste the ‘tea’ in your tea, this beverage is not for you. If you’re looking for something to drink which is light in the mouth, easy to drink and found just about everywhere… give this blend from Snapple a go.

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