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Profile on Nokaguchi Kaede

This character profile is Part 7 in a series where I am using ChatGPT to write stories, and MidJourney to generate visuals.
Profile on Nokaguchi Kaede

At just 13 years old, Kaede is the youngest member of our troupe. Bubbly and effusive, she loves people more than plants. But she loves the Secret Arboreal Fan Club and fighting alongside her friends.

She stands at just 153cm (5'1") and has a typically thin frame for a Japanese girl.

Kaede followed Iijima Hiro to the club one day, and simply never stopped attending. She quickly made friends with everyone and discovered them as a second family. The club acts as an escape for Kaede, from an often tumultuous home life.

Kaede may not know the most about arborealism, but she loves animals and also befriended the group's resident magical tarsier named Kodo. The first to do so, other than Hiro.

Kaede loves social activities like parties, games, shopping, and shared meals. She's the first to make plans for everyone to get together and loves to coordinate and manage activities for everyone.

Despite her young age, Kaede has taken responsibility for managing the group's agenda and ensuring they know when new missions arrive, where they need to go, and what the mission dossiers entail. But she presents everything with an upbeat, even bubbly personality.

Now you know a little about Kaede. You can learn more about her and the rest of The Secret Arboreal Fan Club friends as we tag along on their journey. We'll have ChatGPT write our stories, and MidJourney generate our visuals.

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