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Profile on Emma Violet

This character profile is Part 8 in a series where I am using ChatGPT to write stories, and MidJourney to generate visuals.
Profile on Emma Violet

The first thing to note about Emma is that she is not Japanese. Though she's never lived outside Japan. The child of diplomats, she's an obsessive hard worker who never feels she's doing enough to contribute. She never gives up, and she's full of passion for everything she puts her mind to.

She's 16 years old and 158cm (5'2"). She has an average frame, though is surprisingly fit physically.

Emma is the first to blame herself if something doesn't go the way the club needs, whether it's in school or in battle.

When not studying for school, or researching arboreal topics for the club, you can find Emma at the local Aikido dojo training. This is as much to maintain her physical fitness, as it is to provide an outlet for her emotions and frustrations.

Emma found a flyer for the club, posted by Kaede one day, and saw Shinya. Right away she was smitten and joined the club. She may not express her feelings out loud, but her physical language and vocal timbre change when around Shinya, and she will often bring him small gifts. Not that he seems to even politely recognize her interest in him.

Emma is very studious, and one of the most knowledgeable on arboreal trends and happenings around the world thanks to her parents' access to special information as diplomats. This helps Emma give the team the upper hand on missions.

Emma is a unique and interesting character. You can learn and explore with her and the rest of The Secret Arboreal Fan Club crew on their journey. We'll have ChatGPT write our stories, and MidJourney generate our visuals.

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