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Profile on Kodo

This character profile is Part 9 in a series where I am using ChatGPT to write stories, and MidJourney to generate visuals.
Profile on Kodo

No anime is complete without some kind of special companion for the group. In our case, Kodo is the club's friendly magical Tarsier. He's adorable, yes, but very alert. He travels with the crew and makes sure they're always aware of dangers.

Always hyper-vigilant, his twitchy ears and sensitive flanges can sense even the most subtle of sounds and vibrations. This gives Kodo the ability to alert the group with hyperactive responses and squeaky sounds native to the tarsier family of animals.

He is friendly to the members of the club, but cautious around anyone new, and downright antagonistic towards the team's enemies.

While Kodo can't speak words, the team has come to recognize when he's trying to get them to react, prepare, or even follow him.

Kodo has to be the cutest member of The Secret Arboreal Fan Club. You can learn more about Kodo and the rest of the crew as we journey with them, ChatGPT writes our stories, and MidJourney generates our visuals.

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