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Wellness Blend (PekOe)

Back in March when I made a visit to the PekOe Sip House we tabled next to a guy and his son. They had picked up a bit of something called Uncle Andrew’s Wellness Blend. It’s a special blend not on the menu, but available in stone and, now I get to try it!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 4/3/2
Company PekOe Sip House
Blend Name Uncle Andrews
Wellness Blend
Blend Base Herbal / Tisane
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Bag
Price per Package $8.00 USD
Quantity ~ 2 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

This unique custom blended tea was made by one of the employees at PekOe Sip House. As mentioned you won’t find it on the menu or on their website, but you can ask for it by name when visiting their store in Boulder, CO.

This blend is visually stunning. It’s full of so much stuff it could keep you occupied just identifying all its parts. Normally that’s something I balk at. I’m one to prefer fewer ingredients to extra ones. But in this case, it all works out well.

You’ll clearly see the chamomile, rosehips, cardamom, calendula, ginger and fruit pieces. I had issues identifying everything, and I’m certain I missed plenty of ingredients, including which fruits were included. The dry aroma is mostly mint. Every time I tried to capture more nuance I just ended up sneezing though so I gave up after ten or fifteen attempts.

Once steeped, the liquor brews a sensuous golden color. The aroma is a combination of the mint and chomomile, with only the slightest hints of stones fruits such as peach or apricot. Some camphor can also be noted. The briskness of this tisane blend is limited to the mint. Everything else seems to soften the blow.

I recommend this blend to anyone with a sore throat and to fans of chamomile and mint teas.

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