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Lemon & Lime - Unsweet (Sweet Leaf Tea)

Tuesday is Iced Tea Review day!

Not all teas are created equal. And by that measure, not all iced teas are created equal. Some stand clearly above the rest. This Lemon Lime Unsweet Tea from Sweet Leaf Tea is delightfully refreshing!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/2
Company Sweet Leaf Tea
Blend Name Lemon & Lime
Iced Tea Base Black Tea
Country of Origin India
Package Type Bottled
Price per Package $1.50 USD
Quantity 16 fl-oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Lemon & Lime are flavors we see together frequently. Mostly though, this appears in soft drinks or in alcoholic beverages. Well, that’s No More!

The fine folks (and Granny) over at Sweet Leaf Tea have concocted a refreshingly light black tea based iced beverage which teases the tongue and pleases the palate.

While not labelled USDA Organic, you’d never know from the taste. And with “0” (that’s zero) calories, you can drink the entire bottle without feely guilty the next time you talk to your dietician.

The clear bottle allowed me to preview this tea via it’s color, or liquor. I found it an enticingly dark amber color.

The aroma reminded me of a lightly sweetened CTC Assam style black tea, with just a touch of lemon and a hint of lime. Even the aroma here was refreshingly light and puckery.

Uncharacteristically light, this bottle tea was interesting from the first sip. Granny clearly had something up her sleeve with this one. While the taste was distinctly of a standard iced tea, the added one two punch of lemony pucker and lime sour created a swirl of activity on my palate. The unsweetened nature of this tea doesn’t detract from its flavor qualities at all.