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In Review

So, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Or maybe it’s just my more than seemingly crowded schedule!
In Review
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So, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Or maybe it’s just my more than seemingly crowded schedule! My schedule over the next several months is so stupid crowded it’s NUTZ!!! I’ll work with anyone who wants to see me. Please let me know, and give me several dates! I want to see you!!! The awesomeness that you are will be the perfect respite from the horrors of my schedule for the next several months!

Want to know my schedule? I’ve included it here for you! Just latch onto it, and see for yourself. For those not familiar with iCal, anything solid bar is an all-day event, so days that seem mostly empty aren’t really. Sigh, so much to do, so little time. I’ll post months up as they come along I suppose, and update the file whenever it changes enough to warrant it.

I wasted most of Saturday watching movies on TV and playing video games. As much as you’d think it’d be a good thing, maybe even refreshing... it doesn’t feel that way. I have so much else that needs to be done:

  • Find legal representation for Ripple
  • File 2005 taxes... both personal and for Ripple
  • Reform Ripple from a Limited Partnership to a Limited Liability Company
  • Pay parking tickets (I have a couple in Cincinnati)
  • Purchase new technology assets (DP G4 tower, new Windows PC)
  • Purchase new software iLife ’06 + iWork ’06 + Daylite (or Redline) for Kim

I did end up having a rather productive financial meeting with Kim, Ripple’s financial controller, and a dear friend of mine. We’ve set some good goals with deadlines that we think are decent. Moving forward our meetings will be less frequent than the past few have as I think we become more comfortable with the pattern of production and we get into a groove of dealing with each other professionally.

What’s sad is that Ripple is destined to be a failure unless I can scout some additional talent to back Anthony up and get the ball rolling. I’ve been thinking of hitting up a few of the area colleges and universities that have students who may be looking to add some experience to their resume but aren’t looking to be paid much. I can’t really afford much, so it’d have to lean that way. We’d treat them as consultants rather than as employees as it would be more cost-effective for us. Sigh. I hope I can round up some extra talent soon. I may hit up UC, Xavier, and Cincinnati State soon for that.

I need to pick development back up. Working for Apple for as long as I did in retail killed my development skills. Not that they were masterful, to begin with, but they were good enough to build a basic product shell to run with and research the other technologies needed for the project. Our current project is moving along glacially. I think I should pick up some books on project management and time allotment. Sigh, yet more work to do.

I should set aside three hours a day for entertainment I think. An hour for video or games. And perhaps the other two hours for reading something recreationally. It sounds like a lot, but it seems piffle when you look at it in comparison to everything else I have going on. I’ll probably end up allotting the time properly and then be so tired when I go to my room to read that I’ll just pass out. Perhaps that’d be best anyway.

I’m trying hard to resist the urge to date anyone at the moment. There are a couple of women I’m interested in, but all of them are at a distance from me in travel time. The primary reason is that I really don’t know how I’d fit a woman into all of my scheduling as it is right now and still get some sleep. Sigh. If Annette’s reading this... I may break this rule for you! We seem to click very well!

I need to register to go to Otakon 2006. I’m going as Jiraiya from the Anime show Naruto. I’m really looking forward to it, but I think that I need a good costume production helper with it, or I’ll be left unsatisfied with being a mediocre product, and I’d be ultimately upset about that! I need to copy some things from the show down pat in order to do this right. I can see I have my work cut out for me to produce a proper costume before August. I have some tricks up my sleeve. The difficulty will be finding and/or making the time to produce the costume the way I want it done.

The one-year anniversary of my father’s murder is coming up. I mentioned this in my previous post. It’s still trying to sink in. I don’t know if I’m dealing with it better than Stephanie is, or if I am simply reacting to it more slowly and things won’t hit me until I have my own children someday. Sigh. I’d have to meet and date someone first. Damned time constraints! >:O

Enrique and I came up with an awesome idea for a video to do to promote Macintosh computer systems. I’ve sketched out some awesome thoughts for it. Perhaps I’ll record the commercial spot and place it up here at some point.

I need to send my Mojico back soon. I haven’t used it at all since I received it and the deadline for return is the end of March this year. I believe they provided me with a shipping label and I just need to box the thing up and send it back. If not, it’s still my fault for not having returned it earlier at a convention I’d gone to. A Mojico is kind of like an MMO Fax machine if that makes sense. I never really found the time or way to use it since it required a phone line and I’m cell only. Nonetheless, I think it’d be one of those toys I’d like for a while and get bored with and never use again. That’d be silly.

I need to clean my desk as well. It’s been pretty messy the last few weeks and I’m rather unhappy with it. I’ve been lax in a lot of my duties around the house as well. Dishes, garbage, and whatnot. Thanks to the boys for putting up with my crap the last couple of weeks while my brain tries to deal with all the business and crap it isn’t quite used to. Scheduling is once again becoming a fashionable term in my life. YAY for scheduling. I just need to keep it in line.

Munching on PopTarts is good. But I need to get back out to CAM and buy some drier more Asian snacks that fall in line with my low-sugar but yet high-carb eating style that has kept me fiscally responsible and well stocked for some time. I need to start making my own lunches again as well. I’ve slacked on this during January and February. FIXED it will be starting now. I’ll be taking more rice to work, some seaweed to use, and my rice ball molder. Mmmm, rice balls made fresh at work. What could be better? Now all I need is an extra desktop tea pot and some fresh tea leaves to make fresh tea with at work.

Well, it’s back to work for me. I have to catch up with lost work from the last month or so.