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Product: Electric Kettle (Hamilton Beach)

Monday is Teahouse/Tea Room, Accessory and Brand Review Day!

If there’s one thing everyone needs if they’re going to brew tea, it’s a way to heat the water. While one could certainly use a fire to heat a traditional teapot, it’s not always a viable option. A cubicle comes to mind as a bad place for a traditional teapot. What it is though is a great place for an Electric Kettle by Hamilton Beach!

Quick Info

Rating 5/5
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Accessory Electric Kettle
Classification Kettle
Price $27.99 USD

I’ve got two of these kettles and I use them constantly. They’re not perfect mind you, but they do the trick! Simply fill the kettle to just below the spout, set on the cradle and flip the switch. In a couple minutes you’ll have water hot enough to brew most any tea properly (let it cool some for green, white and some herbal teas.)

This model kettle holds enough for roughly seven cups of tea, which is more than enough for most of us on a workday (though I can sometimes drink up to 12 or 14 cups during a workday.)

Be sure to check with your office management before installing a kettle as some companies have policies against some items in individual cubes. The cord on the cradle can be somewhat short for office use and you may feel the need to stretch it a little to get it to your surge protector.

There are kettles designed for brewing tea. Some even have options to set your desired temperature. I thought that though this one lacked those features it was simple and elegant enough to stand the tests of time and use. I was right! I’ve used one of these kettles at home and another at the office for thousands of cups of tea over the past few years and they’re both still going strong.

I’ve found great value in this low cost kettle and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t even take me a breath to recommend it for you to use either.

Help a good cause: CharityWater.org