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Tomato Rebel (Fully Loaded Tea)

Friday is Black Tea, Floral Tea, Fruit Tea, Chai and Pu’erh Review Day!

I stumbled upon Fully Loaded Tea when looking for methods of liquoring up my favorite cuppa. The story of this young company is inspiring and invigorating in itself, but their blends are of an uncommon breed. While reviewing brands as a whole is certainly something I do, it’s not what this post is about. No, instead it’s on the most interesting blend the delectable entrepreneurial duo has to offer!


FAB* Rating 4/2/2
Company Fully Loaded Tea
Blend Name Tomato Rebel
Blend Base Black Tea
Country of Origin Canada
Package Type Pyramid Sachets
Price per Package $7.99 USD
Quantity 14 Sachets
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

I’d not thought of combining a black tea with basil let alone tomato, but that’s just what Katya and Olga had the inspiration to do. The aged disagreement on how to classify a tomato (fruit or veggie) had me a little giddy to see how its flavor would adjust to joining a light black tea. I was both curious and worried how it would turn out.

The primary flavor is definitely tomato. The taste comes out as a light spiced tomato soup at first, which is oddly comforting as a beverage. Savoring each sip is remarkably easy with this blend. On the finish I can deffinitely taste the basil and the hints of both marigold and cornflowers. I’m surprised tomato isn’t used more frequently now that I’ve had it.

The aroma is light. I found it almost too light actually as I couldn’t really notice it past the edge of my mug. Disappointing to say the least given the remarkable energy the flavor extended to my palette. I’m not sure what I could recommend differently here, except to say I’d like the tea to beckon to me lest I forget about it as I work or eat.

The tail of this brew is also light. I wouldn’t mark that as a negative at all in this case. Frugal on the bitterness Tomato Rebel is alluring in more ways than one. The finish does ask you to drink ever more, but the addition of desirable aroma would make this brew irresistible.

Refreshing as a brew, I never imagined tomato would be so good as a flavor in a tea. My worries were certainly appeased upon the first sip. Something about the tomato just helped me relax… and maybe even crave some grilled cheese. I have to recommend this brew to anyone who likes tomatoes, tomato soup , a good tomato bisque or even a V8 veggie drink. This tea is absolutely better than I thought it would be!

One last note is that I do wish this tea were offered loose. Instead Fully Loaded only offers their teas in “pyramid” sachets. While certainly better than using paper tea bags, it’s not as freeing as having it loose. Either way, this brew is worth your time.