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Continued Additions and Alterations

Earlier this week I spent some time adding extra content back onto this site. To reiterate, my goal for this site is as a communications tool.

Earlier this week I spent some time adding extra content back onto this site. To reiterate, my goal for this site is as a communications tool. I hope my blog and other content will cause people to write to me or call me to express their views and concerns and that by expressing myself openly online I can hopefully round out my views more actively.

This week looks to be amazingly busy and I wasn't expecting it. I had a meeting on Monday with Charlie, Jeff, Chris, and Ben to discuss some future stuff regarding Trivantis. It was an awesome meeting and I was able to openly express some of my views and ideas. BONUS everyone seemed to latch onto the visions I was trying to propagate into their minds.

The mind control ray works! Now just for some last-minute debugging. :P Makes me think of the failed Japanese Death Ray during WWII.

I gave Tony an ultimatum last week as he hasn't been pulling his weight in terms of doing the IT Cabinet development and working his share for me to pay his rent, food, and basic allowance costs. It seems he's chosen to move out and as a consequence, leave Ripple. It doesn't seem to be anything I could have prevented and he says he'll be returning to school and going to UC trying for a linguistics and Asian Studies major/minor set. I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit and certainly hope my pressuring him to work has no effect on his choice to remain friends. I learned well from Timothy Loudermilk that separating business from social can be difficult, but it isn't impossible. And I'm hoping that Tony and I can make this transition as painless as possible. I'll retain his listing on the Ripple website as long as necessary seeing as he still holds a percentage in the company. Although I will need to begin the process of hiring someone to finish Anthony's work with ITC. Hello RentACoder!

Lots of bullshit coming out of the woodwork in politics as you can imagine. I'll post that in a separate rant. Tomorrow maybe?

I went out last night with Deanna from CincyUpdate. We trotted down to Clique in Northern Kentucky for a friend's going away party (moving to Hotlanta :P). We had fun, a few drinks, and bonded all right. Looking forward to more fun times like that with the rest of the CincyUpdate crew. I'm headed out to an event on Thursday after work at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center where I'll get to learn salsa dancing for cheap!

Like $6! Awesome! There's also this AWESOME Halloween party thrown every year by this middle-management guy from P&G who spends literally three months of his salary on the damned party. He goes all out on this thing. I'm really really looking forward to it.

I missed Monday's episode of Heroes and will have to wait until next week to watch it as I am SUPER cash-strapped until I am paid on Tuesday. Shame. I really need to take care of a lot of things.