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Announcement: Post Schedule Apology

I feel the desire to apologize to you. It’s not apparently recommended for bloggers to feel bad about anything since we provide a free service, often in our spare time… but I don’t feel that’s right.

I haven’t been keeping my post schedule (or really posted at all) for going on three months now. I feel pretty bad about it because I love tea, and everything to do with it. But most of all, I care about all of you who have continued to drop by this site every day in the hops that I’ve provided something new to read.

The past couple months I’ve been either aware I’d be losing my job, or out of work. I’ve been busting my daytime tail trying to get some income to pay my bills, including those for this blog. Thankfully, as of today I have procured a new position.

With this in mind, I still have at least a week before I start the new job and do fully intend to close out a large number of review cycles and post some great new info, tea tours, reviews and pictures for you!

I have trips from New York City, Minneapolis, Orlando, Columbus (Ohio) and perhaps even a trip to Dayton (OH) this upcoming week to post tea tour notes about.

I have dozens and dozens of teas and tisane’s to review and a number of additional projects to uncover in the coming months.

Your Tea-Guy,