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News Post: Kirin & Suntory looking to merge... and Singing Tea Cups?

In this week’s news post we learn that two of Japan’s largest beverage companies are looking to merge, have a chance encounter with some singing tea cups, and we lose a friendly tea related publication.

  • Two of Japan’s largest bev-co’s, Kirin & Suntory, are apparently looking to merge. Both include tea on their best seller lists and export their products to North America. The merger would create the single largest beverage company in the world… ahead of Atlanta based Coca-Cola.
  • According to World Tea News, moving to a new location seemed to help one small town teahouse. Congratulations to Joseph Doyle on a great and shrewd business move.
  • Erin Cauble, the owner of “The Tea Room,” a business periodical has apparently decided to close up shop. The current economic climate as well as decreased advertising revenue were cited as primary reasons for the publication’s closure.Erin also notes that she is unsure what she will do with PositiviTea.com, another site and news resource she currently maintains. Find out more at World Tea News.
  • STL Ocarina, a St. Louis, Missouri based company, has developed a whistling tea cup! More from their website!
  • The “Harmony” line of tea kettles from Copco are being recalled due burn risks. The kettles have been available sine early 2006 and have been sold for around $30 at retailers throughout the United States and Canada.If you have one of these kettles, Copco recommends you cease using it for your safety.Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Wilton Industries, Inc. at (800) 794- 5866 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT Monday through Thursday, and between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. CT Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.copco.com.
  • According to The London Telegraph, that thought you had a few days ago… you know… the one where you could swear that your tea tasted better in that other cup… you were probably right! Apparently tea really does taste better in your favorite cup.
  • A new tea shop has opened its doors in Grand Central Terminal in NYC. Called the “Tea and Honey Store,” it’s apparently owned by the purveyors of the Pylones gift shop chain.
  • Jason Witt, has been running a newsletter for those of the Christian faith. He provides an interesting commonly faith based article every week with his “Teaternity” newsletter.

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