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Raspberry Ginger (Kokomo Tea)

Wednesday is Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Oolong and Tisane (Herbal) Review Day!

I won’t lie. I’m a sucker for raspberries. In fact, pretty much anything raspberry. But I am not a fan of ginger. It just doesn’t tickle my fancy. Regardless, this Raspberry Ginger tea from Kokomo Tea is delicious!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/2
Company Kokomo Tea
Blend Name Raspberry Ginger
Blend Base White
Country of Origin China
Package Type Loose in tin
Price per Package $13.99 USD
Quantity 4 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The immediate appearance of split raspberries, ginger chunks, white tea leaves, cloves and some stems makes this tea a beautiful sight to look at.

The tea brews up a very very light orange liquor (color) and provides an aroma ginger laden with a faint sweetness & fruit compunction. Notes of a light astringency were also present.

Lightly bitter with clear ginger flavor dries the mouth while providing smooth texture. This tea has a very very light bite and a tail which fades quickly.

I recommend this blend to any tea drinker who enjoyes fruit teas, spiced teas and a captivating flavor experience which isn’t overpowering.