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Dong Ding Oolong (Naivetea)

Taiwan is to Oolongs what Argentina is to Yerba Mate. They’re synonymous with one another. It’s just that simple. This Dong Ding Oolong from Naivetea meets or exceeds expectations.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 4/4/2
Company Naivetea
Blend Name Dong Ding Oolong
Blend Base Oolong
Country of Origin Taiwan
Package Type Tin
Price per Package $28.00
Quantity ~ 2.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

This teas’ loose leaves are tightly balled dark green leaves with a few stems in. The aroma is lightly roasted with dark rich tones I can’t place. Something intangible perhaps.

One brewed the leaves produce a light amber-caramel liquor. The steeped aroma more savory than the dry aroma if that can be believed. The roasty nuttiness of this brew has some weight to it, almost meaty.

With a smooth feel and overtones of roasted vegetables and a honeyed edge you’re drawn to savor this tea’s product. Once past the initial palate sensation I noted more vegetal nuance with each sip.

While not astringent or puckery this tea has a long vegetal tails which grows lighter with each steeping. You can expect a good three or four steeps from this tea before any notable flavor degradation kicks in. I used a good seven or eight steeps before I was essentially drinking water.

I recommend this Oolong to all Oolong fans and to fans of milk teas and other teas with meaty vegetal palate profiles.

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