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Knave Grey (52teas)

Frank has once again created an interesting twist on something old. I have had a great many forms of Earl Grey. From one blended with white teas, to one using premium leaf grades, to one using more or less oil of begamot. This Knave Grey blend from 52teas blends with coconut for a unique take on this classic.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 4/3/3
Company 52teas
Blend Name Knave Grey
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Pouch
Price per Package $7.99
Quantity ~ 2.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Every so often a real classic is created. Earl Grey has been one for a long time. Once that classic is generally standardized deviating from the recipe is rarely done. While some have experimented with Earl Grey over the sixteen or so decades of its existence, it’s this particular take which has me pining for more.

With an easygoing black tea and lots of very large coconut shavings you know what you’re getting when you steep this tea. The dry aroma is almost completely of bergamot with faint hints of coconut sweetness.

Once brewed this tea produces a deep auburn liquor. The aroma is more subdued which helps the coconut come through a but more. Light hints of caramel pop out as well. This tea has a bit of pucker but relativeley low astringency considering.

I recommend this blend for any fan of Earl Grey teas.

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