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Accessory: Tuffy Steeper (The Tea Spot)

We’re all looking for ever more convenience in our increasingly busy lives. Us tea drinkers can always use a more portable and quick method to brewing our teas on the go. The Tuffy Steeper from The Tea Spot solves one of those issues.

Those of us who brew using loose tea often have infusers. I happen to keep a small collection at work so others can enter the intriguing world of tea, but I also have a few at home. What if I could have one which could go everywhere with me?

Enter the Tuffy Steeper from The Tea Spot. This neat little silicone & plastic infuser actually scrunches down into an easy to carry, easy to wash little infuser unit. The plastic drip tray double times as a lid so the steam doesn’t escape while you’re steeping.

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After several uses of this unit with various tea of different styles and intensity I’ve judged it handy dandy! You can use it while steeping tea at a restaurant or at home or work. All nice and portable it’s easy to carry in a satchel, purse or backpack. Unlike ceramic drip plates I don’t need to worry about this one breaking.

The unit is dishwasher safe, unlike a number of plastic or rubber infusers, which adds to the convenience factor for cleaning the infuser. The unit The Tea Spot provided me for review came in blue but there is pink, purple and yellow to go along with it depending on your style.

I actually used the Tuffy Steeper on my flight back from the World Tea Expo 2010 in Las Vegas. Steeping loose tea I had stored in my carry-on was super easy this way and I didn’t have to settle for bagged tea or end up having to eat the leaves when done!

The only negative with this accessory is that the silicone seems prone to attracting dust. This is easy to fix though. Simply rinsi it before and after usage and make sure it’s colapsed when you’re not. It would be nice if it had a small cloth carrier though. I think that might help keep the dust away.

I recommend this little accessory for those frequently on the go or pounding the pavement. If you travel, but prefer loose tea, look no further than this tough-as-nails compactible travel infuser from The Tea Spot!