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Tea Squeeze (Squeezmo)

Every now and again I run across some nifty little tea toy. In this case, I was at this year’s World Tea Expo. This little squeeze allows you to drain and strain your tea bags eliminating waste and prettying up your table.

Quick Info

Rating 4/5
Accessory Tea Squeeze
Company Squeezmo
Version Original
Version 1
Price $6.00

This cute, colorful little accessory allows you to use a tea bag without all the mess.

Typically when we use bagged teas we’re left squeezing the extra tea with our bare hands. Well… not anymore! This little squeezer not only holds the tea bag after you’ve infused it, you can use it to squeeze the un-dripped tea from the bag as well.

Little touches on this accessory make it worthwhile if you happen to drink tea from teabags commonly. The divet at the back of the Tea Squeeze makes it cleaner and less messy to pick the bag back up if you need to. The spout at the front of the device makes it rather drip-free to dispense your squeezed tea.

Overall, if you happen to use tea bags from time to time, or frequently, this little tool is a keeper.


  • Keeps your table
  • Removes unsightly tea bags
  • Divet for the string to rest
  • Spout for drip-less dispensing
  • Squeezes tea from bag without getting any on yourself
  • Preserves better flavor for future steeps
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Means you’re using tea bags instead of drinking loose tea

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