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Pomegranate Black Tea (52teas)

Another member of the permanent collection over at 52teas is the Pomegranate Black Tea. Need I say more than I clearly see why it’s worthy of being permanently added to the list of available teas from Franks continuing experiment?

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 3/3/4
Company 52teas
Blend Name Pomegranate Black
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Pouch
Price per Package $7.99
Quantity ~ 2.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The loose material for this tea is pretty basic. You have an Indian black tea, with occasion safflower and some pomegranate arils thrown in. The aroma is notably sweet.

One brewed, the liquor turns to a slightly dark amber hue. The aroma from the spent leaves and liquor are brisker and less sweet than that of the dry leaves.

The flavor is much less astringent than I expected. While there is a slight dryness that persists on the outer edges of the tongue there’s a lingering sweetness through the tail. Unexpectedly there’s no real tartness such as you would get with an actual pomegranate, but I think it would have destroyed this tea.

As is, I think this tea is wonderful. I would recommend it to fans of fruit teas and of lighter Indian or Sri Lankan black teas.

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