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Organic Spearmint & Sage (The Loose Leaf)

Wednesday is Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Oolong and Tisane (Herbal) Review Day!

On occasion I find I have amazing connections with people who are surprisingly in the industry which I’m currently curious about. My neighbor, for instance, grew up on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. An old neighbor of mine has connections to Harney & Sons. Well, it turns out an old high school friend of mine knows an herbalist out in California, and she’s really good!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 4/3/3
Company The Loose Leaf
Blend Name Spearmint & Sage
Blend Base Herbal/Tisane
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Loose in tin
Price per Package $6.50 USD
Quantity 2oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Mint has some amazing properties. Different types of mint, say spearmint versus peppermint, provide different benefits, textures and sensations to your body when you consume them. Sage likewise provides an interesting flavor and palate refreshing rush to your mouth.

This herbal (tisane) blend from The Loose Leaf is beautiful to look at, being light and fluffy visually. It’s aroma is mainly of spearmint. But if you try, you can capture some notes of the sage leaves.

Steeped to a bright green with hints of orange, this blend invigorates the palate. I think the sage seems to subdue the overall tenacity of the spearmint here, and it’s more soothing than one might imagine.

I recommend this blend for anyone who enjoys mint teas, mint gum, spearmint, herbal/tisane blends and someone who is looking for a nice soft easy to drink hot beverage.