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Serenity (Tavalon)

Serenity. That calming bliss we all seek to have at or near the end of our day before we hit the sack. This blend of herbal stuffs from Tavalon Tea makes its way to review while simmering down my day and putting things in perspective.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/4
Company Tavalon Tea
Blend Name Serenity
Blend Base Herbal/Tisane
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Canister
Price per Package $4 USD
Quantity ~ 0.9 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

When it comes to the relaxing calming teas ni the world, there are a great many which make this claim. I find myself relaxed by quite a few teas. But Serenity from Tavalon Tea takes the cake.

Visually this tea appears to be made up of chamomile, rooibos and lemongrass. Though Tavalon claims vanilla beans and peppermint I don’t visually see these components present.

The aroma from the dried leaves is light. Here, you can tell the mint is present, and the chamomile is a strong part of this blent. Subtler notes from the lemongrass and a smoothness from the vanilla and rooibos is only hinted at.

Once brewed, the aroma changes to rely heavily on the chamomile and peppermint, but there’s a spiciness present I’m unsure of the source for. This tea creates a dark golden liquor equally pleasing to the eye as the tea is to the palate.

Something about the combination of peppermint with the lemongrass must be giving this tea some spice because it’s clearly present. The flavor is smooth, with some very light astringent bite in the finish. Instantly relaxing you can feel the chamomile and vanilla flavors coating your mouth while the peppermint tingles just the very tip of your tongue.

Not strikingly bolds, but certainly containing some bite, I can recommend this tea to fans of peppermint and/or chamomile tisane blends, anyone who enjoys lemongrass and those who enjoy a nice vanilla rooibos.

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