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Lemongreen (Tavalon)

Lemon is one of the more appreciated flavors in the beverage industry. More than just a base, it’s something many people look for in a drink. That tartness can sometimes get in the way of the appreciation of the subtleties belying the rest of the drink’s personality though. But, will this Lemongreen green tea from Tavalon fall to this foible?

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 3/2/2
Company Tavalon Tea
Blend Name Lemongreen
Blend Base Green
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Canister
Price per Package $8.50 USD
Quantity ~ 1.6 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The most invigorating thing about lemon is its tart personality with the sweet citrus finish. We use it in all kinds of things from foods, to snacks and drinks.

One of thebest ways to bring lemon flavor while reducing the tart from this worldwide favorite is to use lemongrass. Lemongrass also has its own collection of health benefits. We’ll throw the health benefits of lemongrass to the side for now. Suffice to say it’s a wonderful addition to any culinary repertoire.

This tea is a pretty blend of lemongrass and light Chinese green tea. You can clearly see the long lemongrass leaves but the presence of the green tea leaves is more subdued. Looking more closely you can see the coiled tea leaves mixed in. They do seem a bit of an afterthought from the limited quantity included. It seems almost 80% lemongrass to 20% green tea. The aroma from the dried leaves is lemony with a dried leafy undertone.

Brewed this blend provides a very light yellow liquor. It’s very transparent. The steeped aroma offers notes of lemon with a lightly sweet honeyed touch.

Sadly there isn’t much of a tail on this tea’s flavor profile. While it contains the light lemony hints predicted by the aroma, there’s nothing extra in the brewed concoction to extoll.

Overall, I enjoy this tea. It’s a great tea for drinking frequently. However, if you tend to savor every sip, this tea doesn’t leave you pining for more after each one.

Suggestion: Add some raspberry for a little fruity lemonade flavor going on.

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