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News: Tavalon's the new Willy Wonka!

I’ve gotta say it… I really want a golden ticket! Just like Charlie when he walked ever so dejectedly into the candy shop to collect a consoling bar of chocolate realizing he could never win as the last ticket had been found…

While I personally feel a tour of a tea facility would be almost equally as exciting… there’s no way I would turn down $1500 just for buying tea I like anyway!

I’ve reviewed a number of Tavalon’s teas including their NYC Breakfast and more recently their Indian Mint. All were very good.

This promotion is exciting and I sincerely recommend taking part. Unlike Wonka Bars, tea is pretty much universally healthy for you… So even if you don’t win the cash prize… you still get some good tea!

From the Tavalon Release:

October 5, 2009 – One lucky tea drinker will be extra happy this holiday season when they open their package of Tavalon Tea and find a Golden Tea Ticket inside the box – worth $1,500. You too can be a winner, just by referring your readers.

By placing an order on the Tavalon website, www.tavalon.com, consumers are automatically entered to win the Golden Tea Ticket. All purchases must be made before October 28, 2009.

In addition, if the winning contestant is referred to Tavalon’s site by a blogger or other website, that blogger also receives $1,500. To be eligible, the blogger has to provide a link to the contest’s web address and/or add the contest’s banner to their web page directing their readers to www.tavalon.com.

Winners will be chosen by Tavalon and announced during the first week of December. Visit www.tavalon.com/goldenticket.aspx for more information on Tavalon’s Golden Tea Ticket contest.

Tavalon Tea is a premium international loose-leaf tea company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Seoul, South Korea. The founders of Tavalon have used their passion and expertise in tea to develop a company for both tea connoisseurs and newcomers to the tea world while providing premium teas and accessories to a mainstream audience. Tavalon aims to educate the general public about teas many health benefits with a fresh new tea experience. Tavalon’s unique and exciting blends bring a high quality to the tea world that is unparalleled. Tavalon’s teas can be found at various cafes, gourmet markets and department stores across the country, as well as on www.tavalon.com. Tavalon welcomes you to experience the future of tea.

That’s right kiddies… by referring you to a tea company with product I already think you’ll enjoy… I could also get $1500 to pay for some great improvements I’ve been wanting to do for this blog!

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