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News Post: Sweet Tea Brewer, White Tea & Fat Life Cycles

Thursday is News, History & Culture Day

Welcome to your weekly news post here on Tea-Guy. This week you get a taste of machine-made southern sweet tea, learn about connections between White Tea and the life cycle of certain types of celulite (fat).

  1. Nutrition & Metabolism has posted the results of a study regarding links between white tea extracts and the life cycles of certain types of fat cells. An interesting read, if somewhat dry.
  2. I didn’t realize this while I was in Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo a couple weeks back… but QTrade Teas & Herbs has introduced their first Taiwanese tea. This is a wonderful step for one of the finest wholesale suppliers!
  3. Hammacher Schlemmer, the oldest U.S. based catalogue company, has released an electric sweet tea brewer. It apparently uses both loose and bagged teas, allows you to customize the desired level of sweetness and produces up to 2 quarts (8 cups) of readily drinkable sweet tea in ten minutes! It does this by brewing the tea at 204° Fahrenheit and adding your selected amount of sugar. It apparently does allow for brewing unsweetened tea as well. I hope to review this in the not-all-too-distant future.
  4. Lindsey Goodwin of both World Tea News and VeeTea has a wonderful question and answer session posted with Iman Hakim regarding tea and health. I recommend giving it a read through!

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