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My Top 4 ChatGPT Plugins

This post covers my top four ChatGPT plugins, with features critical for extending ChatGPT's capabilities.
An image using my brand colors, generated by MidJourney using this post's title as the prompt.
An image using my brand colors, generated by MidJourney using this post's title as the prompt.

There are already hundreds of plugins for ChatGPT. To use plugins, you have to work with ChatGPT 4, which is still limited to paid subscribers when writing this article.

As a caveat, I have not tried all of the hundreds of ChatGPT plugins, and your specific needs may lead you to use different plugins than I do. I expect the list of plugins only to increase as well, as market forces begin to coalesce on how best to expose business and other data to ChatGPT for use.

It's worth noting that OpenAI's ChatGPT system still considers plugins in Beta, and we may see them change significantly.

Also of note is that Google's Bard system also offers plugins. However, at least now, these appear to be limited to offerings direct from Google. One example is a YouTube plugin that provides video links and transcriptions. This seems to be one of the more popular ChatGPT plugin types.


The list of plugins is here for those wanting a TL;DR version of the list.

The Plugins

These are not arranged in a particular order. Depending upon my needs at the time, a given plugin will or will not be helpful. These are the four I have found most consistently valuable over time.

Prompt Enhancer

The Prompt Enhancer plugin will rework or extend your prompt to ensure maximal effectiveness, and it's a great way to learn how to positively manipulate the output from an LLM-driven tool like MidJOurney, DALL-E, Bard, or ChatGPT.

There are many prompt enhancement tools and several plugins in the plugin store for ChatGPT at the time of writing. But, I have found AISEO's Prompt Enhancer to be my favorite of these options.

It's worth noting that AISEO makes quite a few valuable tools, several of which have plugins for ChatGPT. But this Prompt Enhancer is free and does a great job.


Humanize is a summarizer. There are many summarizer plugins available, and I have tried numerous options. Humanize seems to provide the most valid, understandable summarization of long-form information.

I have used Humanize with content I find and paste into ChatGPT and with ChatGPT prompt responses. I have found it immensely useful when combined with the results I get from the next two plugins on the list, plugins I use for answering questions on US law, and plugins I use for locating any of 200+ million published research papers and articles.

This kind of summarization can help me decide whether I want to continue my efforts/research or if I should move on, and it dramatically simplifies my evaluation of complex topics while reducing the time to do so.


Filtir is a solid plugin intended for overcoming the hallucinations ChatGPT or other text-based LLMs can have. If you're not familiar, an LLM hallucination occurs when it responds to a prompt by presenting all or part of its results as facts that are demonstrable falsehoods.

I use Filtir to double-check results before I choose to rely upon them.


Built around the foundations of linguistic positioning of fact, Factiverse evaluates the language used in writing to determine if what's written is expressed as an opinion or perhaps counterfactual.

This is really helpful when attempting to avoid sounding opinionated in business discussions or any form of debate.

Runners Up

Here are four other plugins to check out that I won't cover in any detail here. I value these plugins and their usefulness when writing this post.

Many tools I use, including AI tools, do not yet have ChatGPT or Google Bard plugins.

With these four main plugins, I can perform many of my intended efforts regarding prompt optimization, research for combatting disinformation and simplifying complex topics into a digestible summary.

Did you enjoy this post? Are there specific plugins you'd like to hear more about or see in action through a deep dive review?

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