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CoCo Chai Rooibos (Mighty Leaf)

Friday is Black Tea, Floral Tea, Fruit Tea, Chai and Pu’erh Review Day!

This pretty coconut rooibos chai blend from Mighty Leaf Tea is a splendid example of a tea which comes close, but misses the ball. Aromatic and spicy Coco Chai Rooibos still comes out just a bit too weak.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/2
Company Mighty Leaf Tea
Blend Name CoCo Chai Rooibos
Blend Base Rooibos
Country of Origin India
Package Type Loose in Bag
Price per Package $8.95
Quantity 4 ounces
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Even the name makes this blend sound delicious. And as a fan of coconut, rooibos and chai, how could I not fall in love with this blend.

This coconut roobos chai blend also has cardamom, ginger and peppercorns which create a deep red liquor (color) when brewed.

This tea smells heavily of chai spices with notes of pepper and honey and only the tiniest hint of coconut. I was really hoping for something more bold here with some real coconut infusion and more intriguing spice notes.

All the spices add up to a cup of tea which dries the palate a bit too much. You can certainly taste the spice, cardamom, peppercorn and even the sweetness of the rooibos. But the coconut again decides not to reveal itself.

Sadly this tea brews a bit weak for what the aroma portends it to be which is a mismatch. I’d hoped for more coconut to pull through  and really act like a star in this blend. I was disappointed.

I recommend giving this brew a try, but double up on the recommended dosage of the blend. It will be tastier that way even if  the coconut still doesn’t really have an impact.