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Rose Green (ITO EN)

Tuesday is Iced Tea Review day!

A rose by any other name… would be a tea!?! This surprisingly audacious bottled rose flavored green tea from ITO EN packs an unexpected punch.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/1/4
Company ITO EN
Blend Name Rose Green
Iced Tea Base Green Tea
Country of Origin Japan
Package Type Bottled
Price per Package $1.50 USD
Quantity 16 fl-oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

It’s beautiful maple bronze liquor (color) hints at something familiar and comfortable. What I got was a completely surprising iced brew… well worth the experience!

The aroma was extremely light. I didn’t catch any noted of fruit or of the tea itself… but only the slightest of hints at the rose petals blended with this tea. There also was the tiniest of inferences of astringency.

This Rose Green had an unexpectedly strong bite… even on the first sip. While some sweetness is certainly gleaned from the rose petals, this tea is astringent with a tail that lingers for a while. This is also definitely a green tea, with underlying notes of vegetal and grassy strength.

I would recommend this tea to anyone whose palate is looking for some adventure, a simple change of pace… or just likes to try new things.