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Green Jasmine (ITO EN)

Tuesday is Iced Tea Review day!

Jasmine, a flavor either too highly prized… or undervalued. Take your pick. In either event, it’s addition to this ready to drink bottled iced tea is such a refreshing palate pleaser, I’ve not much to say aside from it’s a mighty tasty brew.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/3
Company ITO EN
Blend Name Green Jasmine
Iced Tea Base Green
Country of Origin Japan
Package Type Bottled
Price per Package $1.50 USD
Quantity 16 fl-oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Through the bottle, amber gold with just a twinge of extra yellow this bottled brew from ITO EN touches all the right notes to be delicious, refreshing and addictive.

This tea’s aroma is sweet with touches of jasmine, hints of apple & honey and only the slightest of caramel notes.

Flavorful with an elongated tail this brew is a clear, medium bodied tea. Lightly astringent and slightly roasty thie flavor here is a great match to the aroma and carries notes of caramel and honey.

I recommend this iced tea to any avid jasmine drinkers. Fans of full bodies iced teas, this is a great brew for you!

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