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Peach Oo-La-Long (Honest Tea)

Tuesday is Iced Tea Review day!

I’ve been very very excited about trying different iced teas for these reviews. Peach teas are pretty popular and typical here ni the States and I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer something up. This time though, it’s got an Oolong base.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/2
Company Honest Tea
Blend Name Peach Oo-La-Long
Iced Tea Base Oolong Tea
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Bottled
Price per Package $2.00 USD
Quantity 16 fl-oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

When I think of iced teas, as most americans may, I think of Souther sweet teas. Perhaps with some Georgia peach thrown in for good measure. This wonderfully balanced iced Oolong from Honest Tea is a good example.

The Peach Oo-La-Long from Honest Tea comes bottled. The liquid murky, the color of dark amber needs to be shaken before consumed to get the “good stuff” off the bottom and mixed in with the liquid.

Honest Tea does well on the colorie count. Much better than I’d anticipated from a larger sized and growing company. This particular tea is USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Carbon Offset and contains no Genetically Modified Organic materials (GMOs).

Pop open the bottle and you’ll find just what you’d expect. The fragrance of ripe peaches with the lightest of hints of Oolong and honey.

Upon tasting, this tea isn’t as bold as I’d anticipated. Right around the middle of the scale really. With an ever so slightly bitter finish the Peach Oo-La-Long isn’t as sweet as the aroma but has a tail which sticks around a bit, almost pleading for you to drink more.

I would recommend this this iced brew for lovers of peaches, peach teas, sweet/sun teas and tasty beverages.