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Green Tea Heaven (Talbott Teas)

I like fashionable things. Fancy high society stuff has always held a mystique I find engaging. So, when I was approached by fashionable brand Talbott Teas to do a review of a couple of their blends I jumped at the chance.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 3/2/3
Company Talbott Teas
Blend Name Green Tea Heaven
Blend Base Green
Country of Origin USA
Package Type Tin
Price per Package $16.00 USD
Quantity ~ 2.5 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

There are some tea blends which excite the imagination. They encompass the ideals embodied in our dreams. This tea from Talbott Teas bring wonderful thoughts to mind with a single whiff of its light tart aroma.

Visually this tea is very enticing. Whole blueberries, strawberry bits, rhubarb fannings and occasional raspberry pieces combine with reassuringly long Japanese Sencha leaves for a complicated cacophony of dark colored intrigue. The notable inclusion of stems is the only drawback I noted. The liquor brews a mild green orange.

The aroma is light and playful. Tart and sweet with hints of vegetal freshness this tea brings the promise of desire with it. Once brewed however, the aroma becomes extremely light and there’s barely more than the slightest fruity tones to add drama to the olfactory story.

On the palate the flavor is smooth at first with a notable vegetal bite in the tail begging you to drink more. Little of the fruit comes through in the flavor, though blueberry is ahead of the game there.

Fans of Genmaicha and Jade Earl Green may enjoy this blend.

I personally enjoy this tea blend. However, its FAB score indicates a low aroma score due to the relative disappointment in the brewed aroma versus the hopes brought from the loose material.