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2009 BOP (Glenworth Estate Limited)

A nice easygoing beverage is something we all tend to seek as a primary staple of our imbibable selection. For many of us those teas are black. This BOP quality black tea from Glenworth Estate Limited in southern India could be just such a tea for you and for me.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 2/3/5
Company Glenworth Estate Limited
Blend Name 2009 BOP
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin India
Package Type Pouch
Price per Package N/A
Quantity ~ 1.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The loose leaves are very small leaf particles. Different shapes, and different sizes but all the same dark color with occasion bright stem pieces visible throughout. The dry aroma is light but fresh with hint of a honeyed edge amidst its Autumnal overtones.

Once brewed this tea creates a very dark russet  liquor. It’s almost so dark it would be opaque, but you can just barely see through it. This tea creates a light, malty aroma with hints of chocolate and honey.

Once on the tongue the tea attacks out of nowhere. The dry and wet aroma are both light and don’t provide much hint of the aciditiy, astringency and pucker this brew actually has. This is almost worth of a breakfast tea blend the British would enjoy.

As far as the flavor profile goes I noted peach, melon and honey in the mix. However the astringency level is so high it causes the palate and tongue to dry and the flavors to fade quickly.

I recommend this blend to fans of breakfast teas and who enjoy their coffee black.



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