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Lichee Black Tea (Foojoy)

Friday is Black Tea, Floral Tea, Fruit Tea, Chai and Pu’erh Review Day!

There are some fruits which just require to be added to tea. Some would say peach, some might stretch to strawberry… me, I make the call for Lychee! This sweet but light Asian berry is beyond perfect to be added to a tea. But is Black tea the right way to go?

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/2/2
Company Foojoy
Blend Name Lichee
Blend Base Black Tea
Country of Origin China
Package Type Tea Bags
Price per Package $7.95 USD
via Amazon
Quantity 100 Tea Bags
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

There’s always some promise to a tea. Not everyone agrees on how strong, aromatic or sweet a tea should be. There’s something special about finding a tea  with a flavor and a blend you really like.

This Lychee (the translated text on the box gets the English incorrect), flavored black tea is smooth. It doesn’t coat the palate or dry it out. Sadly I wasn’t able to find it in a loose form (even from local Asian grocers), and had to settle for tea bags, so I’m sure I haven’t been able to capture the full range this blend has to offer.

Steeped properly Foojoy’s blend of Lychee Black Tea brews a beautiful chocolate amber color, just a few shades shy of a pickled sour plum.

The aroma is soft. You’ll gather the Lychee scents right away, but not much else. As enticing as Lychee is by itself the pleasure of having other smells lingering isn’t present and as such is a disappointing aspect to this tea.

The same ripe Lychee notes come through in this tea’s flavor. I also gathers more subtle flavors of honey and spice and even a slight bite of a tart apple. I wish these flavors were as well defined into the aroma of this tea. They really play on the palate and keep the brew interesting.

Sadly the promise this tea holds isn’t lived up to. It disappoints in flavor as it’s not as bold as I’d hoped and it has virtually no bite in the tail. It does have some subtle flavors plays I appreciated. It’s aroma holds the namesake scent but not much else. It’s not a very interesting blend to smell and it certainly lost my interest there.