What’s this FAB Rating?

FAB is an acronym for Flavor, Aroma and Boldness and it’s intended to help rate a tea individually on these three primary areas of a tea drinker’s palette from 0 to 5.

The flavor of a tea includes its individual taste as well as any underlying accenting flavors which may be included and how well those flavors are combined. A high rating means the tea is well blended with good balance between the base tea (Green, Black, Oolong, etc.) and the accenting flavors (almond, fruit flavors, etc.)

The aroma of a tea partially influences your initial opinion of how much you’ll enjoy it. It will also help you judge the balance of flavors before you take your first sip. A higher score indicates the tea smells good and provides a reasonably matched expectation of taste to what you get when you drink it.

The boldness of a tea indicates how strong it is as well as its finish, or level of bitterness at the end of a sip and the end of the cup. Some teas are naturally stronger than others. A black tea heavy in Assam is much stronger than say a Darjeeling would be. Some teas are also naturally more bitter than others. A gunpowder green tea will have more bitterness naturally (and by design) than a Jasmine will. This rating takes the tea’s natural tendencies into account when judging. A higher number here indicates a stronger or more bitter tea. A lower number may indicate a sweeter or lighter tea.

What Are Health Benefits of Tea

Wow! That’s a loaded one. There are so many health benefits to tea, I can’t really profess them all in this FAQ. Here’s a short list. If you need more, check the Tea Info section for more Health Benefits.

  • Tea helps fight lots of cancers.
  • Tea helps prevent cancer cells from forming.
  • Tea helps lower cholesterol.
  • Tea is good for your heart.
  • Tea helps reinforce your immune system.
  • Tea can help you lose weight.
  • Tea can help prevent kidney stones.
  • Tea can help prevent and lessen the effects of Osteoporosis.
  • Tea helps with bad breath!
  • Tea helps you keep your teeth strong.
  • Tea can help you prevent and/or recover from a heart attack!

What if I Want to Order Something You’ve Reviewed?

Wherever possible I do link to the manufacturer’s website when I review a tea. You can find these links both in the “Quick Info” boxes as well as the first mention of the company in the review itself.

I do also link to Amazon.com if they happen to sell a tea. Call me selfish, but I get a kickback when you use my links to buy stuff on Amazon and those kickbacks go back into tea and tea related goodies for me to review for you here!

Would You Review My Product(s)…

I would be delighted to review your teas, related accessories, books and tea infused foods…. under these conditions:

  • I do not accept payment for reviews
  • I do not accept offers for sponsored posts
  • I do not accept any exchange of money for a review, article or post

Please send an email to chris@tea-guy.com in order to schedule for sample review.

I left a comment on your site but it’s not showing up. What gives?

The comments on this site are moderated. That means they’re reviewed and either approved or denied. While I try to do a sweep for messages perhaps accidentally marked as SPAM by my filter software (Akismet), I may miss something.

If you’ve left a message and it hasn’t shown up within 24 hours, send me an email.

Oh no! You haven’t answered my question!

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