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Turkish Delight (David's Tea)

It’s not every day I find a treat I like. I mean, I drink an exorbitant amount of tea, and I enjoy almost all of it. I’m discerning when I need to be, but sometimes I need to kick back. This Turkish Delight from David’s Tea is like a dessert for me!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 5/5/1
Company David’s Tea
Blend Name Turkish Delight
Blend Base Herbal/Tisane
Country of Origin Canada
Package Type Pouch/Tin
Price per Package $6.50 USD
Quantity ~ 1.75oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The first thing you’ll notice about Turkish Delight is that it looks as if a round of fireworks exploded in the package. Red peppercorns, large colorful fruit chunks, various nuts, black tea and a collection of spices may sound busy… but I assure you it’s like a kid looking through legos for the piece they want. It’s an adventure!

The aroma from the dry cornucopia is somehow both spicy and sweet. You’ll catch some of the fruits and the pistachios off the bat. The peppercorn spice comes in later. Once the tisane is brewed its scent becomes wholly sweet with just a twinge of spice to draw you in to its milky orange liquor.

Flavor-wise this brew is sweet with a spice bite in the finish. It lingers for just a minute with some fruit sweetness sticking with it. You won’t need any sugar added to this tea if you like it sweet. Simply drink it as is.

Turkish Delight isn’t very bold from a palate perspective. There’s no strong bite. It’s actually one of the sweeter and smoother teas I’ve had in a very long time. Good on-ya David’s Tea! This tea is top rate to me and has earned a five for both the flavor and the aroma, very difficult to get!

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