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Forever Nuts (David's Tea)

There are a lot of ways we create “tea.” The puritans amongst us will scoff at anything not at least partly of Camelia Sinensis. I’m guilty of this myself sometimes. But there’s no denying this Forever Nuts, a nut and beetroot blend from David’s Tea in Canada, smells and tastes great! 

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 4/5/2
Company David’s Tea
Blend Name Forever Nuts
Blend Base Herbal/Tisane
Country of Origin Canada
Package Type Pouch/Tin
Price per Package $6.50 CAD
Quantity ~ 1.75 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

WARNING: This tea is not for those with nut allergies.

A serious smell emanates from this tisane even before you see what it’s made of! You spend the first split second guessing what it might be! The aroma is heavy on the almond, light on the cinnamon and beetroot. It smells just like a cinnabon or fresh baked oatmeal cookie! Delicious indeed!

The blend is made almost entirely of large nut pieces. Almond, peanut and otherwise. Clearly visible flakes of dark red beetroot are scattered throughout.

The aroma is killer. Utterly enticing and one of the most savory and delicious smelling teas I’ve ever come across.

Once brewed the liquor turns an interesting cloudy pink. A consequence of the inclusion of the beet root. The brewed aroma is lighter, but essentially the same as it was dry. Clear notes of cinnamon, roasted nuts (especially almonds) and a light sweetness are notable in the aroma.

But what’s the flavor like? Can it match up? The flavor is light. Smooth. Unexpectedly so actually. There’s a sweetness here that’s ever present but not overpowering. The flavor of roasted almonds and cinnamon comes through nicely.

A side effect of the sweetness and roastiness of this blend is that it’s not particularly strong. This, I think, is why David’s Tea recommends a nice long seven minute steep and a.5 teaspoons of the concoction.

I recommend this blend to everyone. And I do mean everyone. Unless you’re allergic to nuts. In that case, avoid this tea. I’d hate to lose you.

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