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Chocolate Mint Mate (David's Tea)

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In the past I’ve not been a fan of Mate. Its flavor was notably sour or harsh and it just didn’t seem to be my thing. Always open to new experiences, I decided to try again. This Chocolate Mint Mate from David’s Tea has changed my outlook on Mate.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/2/2
Company David’s Tea
Blend Name Chocolate Mint Mate
Blend Base Mate
Country of Origin Canada
Package Type Bagged
Price per Package $6.00
Quantity 2 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Frequently I have had poor experiences with Mate blends. Always too harsh for my palette. I’m always excited to try new tea though, so I gave this Mate from David’s Tea a shot.

The leaves appear as fluffy mint flakes generously blended with Mate and some chocolate/cacao slivers which add up to a very nice deep amber, almost bronze or copper liquor.

The aroma was minty with hints of chocolate but there wasn’t much in the way of more subtle notes to detect. I was a little disappointed there.

The flavor however, was very well balanced, with a head of mint, hints of chocolate, some berry notes and only the slightest touch of honeyed sweetness.

While this tea is not particularly bold or brisk, it does have a fairly extended finish which acts nicely to provoke you into continuing to drink more.

I recommend this tea to fans or chocolate, mint, mate and good flavor without a lot of bite.

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