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Monday is Teahouse/Tea Room, Accessory and Brand Review Day

Originally today was supposed to be a review of a local Teahouse/Tea-room called The Bonbonerie. Well, I’m pushing it back to make an announcement. Rest assured it remains on my list and I will get to review it in the near future.

I will be adding a deal of new content here. So much new content, you’ll have new articles Monday through Friday! This will be starting in April! Why so far away? Well… it takes time to plan and build accordingly! Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

New to Tea-Guy will be reviews of iced teas. Some of these will be home grown recipes built from some of my favorite blends. I will walk you through the steps of turning your favorite hot tea blends into delicious iced teas you can enjoy this coming Spring and Summer! Others will be reviews of commonly found iced teas from the likes of Harney & Sons, Sweet Leaf Tea and more. Expect iced tea reviews to fall on Tuesdays!

Also new, will be culture day (Thursdays). On culture-day I’ll bring tea tips (pun intended), insights into the evolution of tea in different parts of the world, and etiquette notes for more formal tea settings. I might also be able to swing an interview or something with tea entrepreneurs, sommeliers and a brand spokesperson or two. 🙂

I will also be bringing you new Brand Pages. Brand Pages will be an entire page dedicated to a specific brand. You’ll find links to the reviews I’ve done of the brand’s blends, contact information, ordering information, a brand review including insights on brand quality, vision and purpose. I intend to provide a page for every brand I review, so if you have a favorite brand definitely check back frequently!

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