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Thomas Sampson (Andrews & Dunham)

I’ve found some of my favorite purveyors of teas are the smaller companies. The ones who have unique packaging and play with their descriptions a bit. This Thomas Sampson Indian black tea from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea shows me why it’s called the “Breeze from the Mountain.”

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/3/4
Company Andrews & Dunham
Damn Fine Tea
Blend Name Thomas Sampson
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin India
Package Type Loose in Tin
Price per Package $22 USD for Two Tins
Quantity ~ 2.5oz x2
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

I like orthodox black teas. They come with their own nuances and flavor profiles unaltered for the masses. There’s something more unique about benig plain which I seem to have an appreciation for.

The leaves for this black tea are twisted and curled roughly 1/16 inch in length and a brown-black hue with occasional lighter (as in whiter) leaves mixed in. I did not see any buds or stems.

The aroma is hayish with light toasty notes when dry and sweeter, like peaches after steeping. The liquor is a very dark amber and produced a malty aroma with peach notes and hints of honeysuckle.

On the palate though, the flavor is more subdued. There’s a minimal drying of the tongue and roof of the mouth. Some astringency and pucker finds its way into the mix with notes of peach and maybe nectarine and a malty texture in the finish.

I would recommend this tea to fans of Assam teas, Darjeeling teas (primarily Summer or Autumnal), African and Sri Lankan orthodox black teas and iced teas.

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