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Jackee Muntz China Black Tea (Andrews & Dunham)

One of the neatest things about Andrews & Dunham is that they seem completely content on producing small series collections with unique packaging and stories. This Jackee Muntz China Black Tea is a highlight from their Series 2 Collection.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 4/3/3
Company Andrews & Dunham
Damn Fine Tea
Blend Name Jackee Muntz
China Black Tea
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin China
Package Type Tin
Price per Package $22 USD
Quantity 2 x 2.5oz Tins
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

I’ll admit, it’s taken me a while to review this one. This set hasn’t been produced for over a year. But it’s remained good this entire time with no loss in flavor quality!

The 1/8 inch long curled and twisted leaves are splendid to behold. Brown and black in color some much lighter leaves are mixed in providing for an interesting visual array.

The dry leaves provide an aroma of freshly dried leaves in Autumn, wheat toast and hints at hay. Once brewed the aroma sweetens and a more chocolatey vibrant scent seems to emerge. This tea brews a vibrant caramel liquor.

Jackee Muntz seems to bite a little. There’s certainly an astringent kick in this tea’s taste. A bit of toasted bread with fired notes and a panopoly of lesser notes including a honeyed edge in the finish which is very nice.

I can recommend this tea for fans of Keemuns and other mild black teas including Ceylon style Sri Lankan blacks. More of a green tea drinker? Think of this is a dark Fukamushi style Japanese Sencha.

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