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A year in the life...

It’s been exactly a year since the first article here on Tea-Guy! What a trip it’s been so far!

I’ve posted a great many reviews from a plethora of tea from a myriad of companies including Harney & Sons, Adagio, Kokomo, Townsend’s, Yogic Chai, Baxster’s, Stash and more!

The upcoming year is going to be incredibly exciting!

Posts have been a bit sporadic due to a number of ongoing related projects stealing my time from the blog. Rest assured it’ll be well worth it.

Thanks to all of you who have been following the blog. I’m sure you’ll be impressed, excited and engrossed in the writings and developments to occur during 2010 here with Tea-Guy!

Keep Steepin’,
Chris Giddings
The Tea-Guy