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Roasted Milk Tea (3:15 PM)

A few years back I worked at an Asian grocery in the area. This gave me a chance to try all kinds of foods and teas I’d never had before. One of the first was this Roasted Milk Tea from 3:15 PM a Taiwanese brand.

Quick Info
FAB* Rating 4/3/2
Company 3:15 PM / Shi Chen
Blend Name Roasted Milk Tea
Blend Base Black
Country of Origin Taiwan
Package Type Box
Price per Package $6.00
Quantity ~ 8.0 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

The 3:15 PM brand teas are bagged, not loose. But the bags are much larger than usual in order to accomodate both tea leaves and the milk powder that’s included. The dry aroma is slightly sweet, but toasty. I wouldn’t smell too hard though, as you’re likely to end up with milk powder in your nose.

When brewing I like to leave the bag in an infuser. It helps to keep clean up simpler. The bagged material produces a Khaki colored liquor which is completely opaque. The resulting aroma is fairly identical to that from the unused bag: slightly sweet and toasty.

The flavor is one which I think would appeal to coffee drinkers everywhere. It’s roasty and creamy with hints of sweetener (because it contains refined sugar). While there’s a notable drying of the palate, the roasty taste sticks around through a very long tail and leaves you yearning for more.

I recommend this tea to coffee drinkers everywhere, fans of honey or sweetener in their tea and fans of milk tea.

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